Mark is a multi-style guitarist and vocalist. He plays "CARRIBLUJAZZEAN MUSIC" which is his unique mixture of styles you can read in that title and more! Mark's musical journey has had him performing and recording blues, jazz, reggae, soca, calypso, rock, r&b, hip-hop, salsa, merengue, bossa nova, folk and gospel music in different parts of the U.S. and the Caribbean. So,with all this music goin' around in his head, he CAN"T HELP having a variety of soul satisfying flavas come out in his music!
His current CD "HERE COME BIG POPPA STAMPLEY" takes you to some old blues places as well as some folky joints, and it will rock you around. Yes Mark " BiG Poppa" Stampley will come at you from many directions , but always STRAIGHT FOR YOUR HEART.

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BIG POPPA STAMPLEY, is doing the G'WAN PARTY NOW Tour in St, Croix in the Virgin Islands Jan , Feb, March 2011

Big Poppa plays cariblujazz

Mark Stampley is a renaissance musician for the new millennium, He is a multi-style guitarist and vocalist, who has switched from his 'Cariblujazzean " sound to a blues/ folk / rock mix on his new SOLO CD effort,
Mark has covered a lot of musical ground over the years as a soloist , front man with ECLYPSE of the MOON since the 80's and as a sideman, studio guitarist and educator.

Check his cred :
M.ARK HAS PERFORMED WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF ENTERTAINERS IN THE AREAS OF BLUES, JAZZ, R&B, HIP-HOP, REGGAE AND ROCK, FILM AND T.V. THEY INCLUDE; Roy Ayers, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Fernando Jones, Montel Jordan, Maurice Mahon, Malik Yusef, Trackster (of Twista and the Goodie Mob), Earl "CHINNA" Smith(guitarist for Bob Marley and currently Ziggy Marley), Henry Johnson, Roger (of the Zap Band), Billy Branch, Koko Taylor, Valerie Wellington, Calypso Rose, John McLaughlin, Billy Dickens, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Lefty Diz, J.W. Williams, Mac Loving, jr.
Bobby "Slim" James, the Delfonics, the Emotions, Maurice Mahon, Ray, Goodman, & Brown, Blue Magic, Gwendolyn Brooks(Poet Laureate of Illinois), , Jerry Butler, Donald Byrd and the Blackbirds, Timmy Thomas, Louis Satterfield (Earth, Wind, and Fire)

TV Performances:
WGN performance with Kwiet Storm
BET performance with Roy Ayers
CNN featured Mark in a 30 minute special on "Blues in the Schools" project in the Charleston , South Carolina
Appeared w/ band Mark Stampley and Eclypse of the Moon on Chicago Poetry
Jock Around the Block appeared on the show with, Al Jarreau, Queen Latifah and gospel
Recording star Anita Holden

Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter on new hit album w/ TWANN (formerly of the Chilites)
and E.O.T.M
Guitarist on the hit "Light's Out Candles Lit" and "Learn to Love" by Kwiet Storm
Wrote and performed "UCANDUIT", "I Have a Feeling", and"The Age of Peace", For
"TOKO" the screenplay with additional songs
by collaborator Jerry "the Iceman" Butler
Guitarist on the hit "All Night" by the group Subway
Guitarist on the hit " Learn to Love" w/ Quiet Storm
Guitarist on "Spanish Guitar" remix with Toni Braxton
Street Soundz,Chicago CD for Liberte Records.

Live Performances:
Has performed over 1000 live performances throughout the United States and the
Carribean ( including clubs, concerts, festivals, yacht parties, weddings, elementary
Schools , high schools, and colleges, corporate and private parties, fund raising
Events for social organizations and political rallies etc.)
RITUALS poetry at the Rituals club, Chgo, Il. performed every Sunday from 1996
To 2000, performed with over 3000 poets, singers and musicians for over
85,000 fans
The African Arts Festival, Chgo, Il. at the DuSable Museum, featured performer for 4
Museum of Science and Industry's "Sounds of Chicago" Exhibit was featured as a
"live" part of the exhibit

Co-wrote musical score for "TOKO" with the legendary Jerry Butler
Actor/ narrator/ musician for DCW ENSEMBLE'S "Back in the Day"
Guitarist for Jackie Taylor's BLACK ENSEMBLE THEATER production
Guitarist for Jackie Taylor's 25th Anniversary of the BLACK ENSEMBLE
THEATRE a review of the 25 best shows at the DuSable Museum

Gerald Underground, studio guitarist, house music
Songworld , Chgo. Il. studio guitarist
Maximo Entertainment, Belwood Il. studio guitarist
Creator's Way: Chicago, Il.(Twista/ Trackster ) studio guitarist
Orange Street Recording: Kingston, Jamaica studio guitarist
(w/ Chinna and Ziggy Marley's engineer Bravo)
Toni Braxton : studio remixes

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