Better believe I got more fire coming. My next project "Escape' will be an album inspired by a book written by Violet Heart. Violet Heart was touch by some of the songs on my 1st Album and decided to do what Great Authors do and put together a bomb story. The story Escape is a story of two people, who found love through escaping personal issues in their life. The thing is, they needed each other to escape from these things. This is definitly one of the largest projects I've ever been involved in. I feel blessed to be apart of something so epic. For more info on the story, please visit violet Heart's webpage at\violethearterotica\main.html. I hope you love what you hear, I've posted two songs featured on the album, check them out and immediatly after check Violet's page.

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Thanks to all who supported me on my Album release in Sept of 2007. It was a big success for me. I sold 400 units independantly out the trunk of my car. Here's what I've been working on since...

Mixtape coming soon
CLM( Classic, Legendary Music) May 08

Album #2 The Key and the Bullet- july 08

Escape- The soundtrack Coming Soon

Big shout out to my girl Violet Heart, keep doing your thing girl, much love.

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Born on the east coast and raised in the dirty south, Agonie is one of the most creative arist of our generation.

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