Bhakta, born in Holland has produced and performed with hundreds of musicians worldwide, working for New Earth Records USA, Amiata Records Italy, Pony Records Japan, Retre 3 Radio Suisse & many others.
He has worked in the Music-Studio in Poona, India at Osho's ashram for seven years, recording and playing guitar, bass, ud, percussion and keyboards with some of the greatest Indian master-musicians and vocalists, as well as some of the most amazing and sensitive musicians from the Western part of our world.
Bhakta now travels between his studio in Holland and his home-studio in ByronBay, Australia , working continously on some truly exquisite music, from classical ambient to sensual trip-hop, with authentic world music recordings, and dance tracks.

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Holland's Bkakta must have graduated from Bombay Tech with honors, as his simmering blend of Indian exotica, devotional chant and meditative electronic rhythms really get a massive groove on throughout this notable chill-out recording. Overtone chanting, supple bamboo flute and sensational snare sounds sizzle on "Third Eye." While the ambient noise patter of "In-Between Moments" leads to a consciousness expanding mix of techno beats, table trance rhythms and experimental vocal outpourings. The title track is actually a three part suite that beguiles with the sensual "Seduced Again," invites listeners to indulge in "That Sha-Sha Groove," then really turns up the heat on "Let's Whirl." The temptation here would be to densely pack each layer of sound until it compresses into a single theme: but Bhakta wisely keeps a sense of spaciousness running through each track, givi9ng the listener enough breathing room to fully appreciate each exciting accent.
- PJB New Age Voice December 2002


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Bhakta was born in Amsterdam, Holland and raised in his grandparents' home as a member of a tumultuous extended family. His childhood resembled more of a gypsy circus than a proper Dutch upbringing, and was an ideal setting for music, painting, experimentation and communication.

At age 15, Bhakta left home for India to explore meditation, and subsequently lived for 10 years in India and three in Japan. Those years of meditation became the backbone of his music. The influences of Eastern cultures and his own path in life wind into the world of sound through his unique style of classical-chill, experimental-ambient, and electronic-dance music.

Following a successful career in the 90s as a producer and mixing engineer in Europe, Bhakta travels between his studios in the rainforests of Eastern Australia near Byron Bay, and in Amsterdam,
where he creates music for the heart & soul.

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