Belka and Strelka

We made it back alive, so to celebrate we commited the music we wrote on the journey to a tape back at base. Sorry it's taken so long to make it available but we were waiting for Malicious Damage to reform after a long deserved break. In the meantime we hitched a few rides with The Orb, Jimmy Cauty and any other nepharious travellers we could find without undue prejudice against weightlessness (Transit Kings all, but that's another forthecoming story.) Any useful influences were fed back to our computer. Lately, user freindly operating systems obseleted a lot of our original work because any Yuri, Oleg or Anatoli could produce the same sounds, so we went back to our old fashioned instruments. Holed up in a disused projector room where the Ealing Comedies were originally dubbed, we unashamedly plundered a latent partiality to jazz, dub, hip hop and dance. The loot was infused with the detritus of our current day jobs in scoring. Resulting reminescences on our previous extra-planetary adventures became "Tales from the Projector Room". Available shortly from Malicious Damage. Talented artists, some of them from places we've only seen from space, are currently amassing a body of work to accompany the music. Watch this space for opportunites to see it in London.

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