The “Ballet Mecanique”as a concept goes back to the Dada Period of
the 1920’s with works by the likes of Picasso, Man Ray, Fernand Leger and others.
James Tucker, East-coast based musician/composer, uses his
knowledge and experience with conventional music combined with his
understanding of music technology to create a new take on the Ballet Mecanique that is unlike anything else you’ve ever heard.
. . James' music has been used at the Kennedy Center and other venues in the Washington, DC area by regional and national dance groups as well as for independent films in the DC and Baltimore areas.
Obviously James could have done a conventional CD but with his interpretation of the Ballet Mecanique, James is departing from standard musical style and form and creating a surreal and revolutionary fusion of Classical, Jazz, Techno, Rock, and Hip-Hop that just plain grooves Want to join a revolution? Welcome to the future of instrumental music now….


Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Claude Debussy, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Maurice Ravel, Pink Floyd, Thomas Dolby, Leon Russell, Igor Stravinsky, Russell Woollen, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Barry


East-Coast based composer/keyboardist, James Tucker,
has worked with the Temptations, Sarah Dash, the Drifters,
the Coasters, Wolfman Jack, Al Wilson, the Platters, Bobby
Lewis and many other national acts. James also studied counterpoint, composition, and performance with famed composer, Russell Woollen, a protege of Nadia Boulanger and Walter Piston. He studied jazz with Wade Beach of the USAF's "Airmen of Note" and classical performance with Ed
Newman, Philips recording artist. James is currently performing with the well-known Lost Highway Band in the mid-atlantic region of the US with their amazing guitarist, Mike Melchione (formerly of Buckwheat Zydeco)

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