"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds."
-Bob Marley

My favorite saying. Why can't we all just take a moment to appreciate what we have?
Why must we be "ill with want"? I hope my music expresses to you the joy and passion i have in my life each and everyday and that i may spread the love to each and everyone of you to live each day to the fullest. May all be well.

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I just got my full size fiddle from my inspiration Tania Elizabeth. It is beautiful and sounds gorgeous. It is my baby!

My Life as Bailey Elizabeth

My name is Bailey Elizabeth. I started playing violin when I was 3. My uncle Mark and Aunt Edna bought my first violin when I was 2, but it took a year to find a teacher. I really didn't care for violin then (I bet you wouldn't if the only song you knew was twinkle twinkle little star). But I hung in there. Now I am nine and am still playing violin. I have been playing for 6 1/2 years. My teacher Ms. Peggy has been so nice to me and has kept me on track. I am in Ms. Peggy's violin group called the Keili Kids. We have been all over the U.S.A. and other parts of the world. We have performed at Boston College with Seamus Conley, New York City with Jay Unger, Washington D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival and many Florida Fairs and Festivals. The Keili Kids have been to Ireland several times. Unfortunately I haven't made it to Ireland yet.

I also dance...Irish step dancing. I take lessons at Rondeau School of Irish Dance. My teachers, Ms. Chanda and Ms. Kathleen are wonderful. My Irish Dancing is what got me on stage with The Duhks the first time. When I was 5 or 6, I met The Duhks at Merlefest and when I told them I step danced, they invited me to join them on the Dance Stage. I danced with them a few more times at festivals and I got to know Tania Elizabeth, their fiddle player. She has been so kind and caring and she is my greatest inspiration. When we would see The Duhks at festivals, Tania would take the time to show me around and "jam" a little with me. Last year, 2007, I learned a tune they share with Donna the Buffalo, (another favorite band of mine). At Merlefest 2007, I told Tania I could play the song and she invited me to join them on stage to play fiddle after I danced. That was a very cool day. They even gave me a solo. From that show, I met another great inspiration, Bob Barden, of the Good-Tymes Bluegrass Show, NPR, WFSS. Bob asked my mom if he could interview me for his show. He did and we have become great friends and email buddies.

I also love singing. I sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at a Keili Kids concert when I was 5 and one of the Keili Kids' mom is a voice teacher and she asked if she could train me someday....I was thrilled, but we decided to wait until I was a little older, so last year I started taking voice lessons with Ms. Annette. I love her so much. She is so sweet, more like an aunt than just a teacher.

My mom and dad do so much to help me make my dreams come true, like taking me to festivals, buying equipment, keeping me focused and supporting my dream....like my dad getting my website started and trying to learn to play a guitar or bass so he can play with me or my mom making her job, "Driving Ms. Bailey" to wherever I need to be for a lesson, rehearsal or show.

My Grandma and Papa are the best. They always make me feel like I am the center of the universe...I know I am not, but it is nice to know I am to them.

Without all the people above plus a few others I would not be where I am today...and I thank them all.

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Bruce Danna
over 30 days ago to Bailey Elizabeth

Hey Bailey,. I enjoy your music. I'm also in Delray Beach. Maybe we'll share a stage someday... or maybe I can produce a album for you someday. I have a song on Broadjam called "Isnt It A Beautiful Morning?". The lead instruments are guitar and violin (synth). Give a listen.

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