A world of Flesh and Machine beyond ever heard of, Lyrics w/ dramatic flare, pulsating synths propelled by high speed electric guitar - an explosion of sound! VON LMO (pronounced VON ELMO) is an extraterrestrial hybrid. His ancestors came from the planet STRAZAR. He has been reincarnated many times from the beginning of his teleportation to Earth. His appearance is ageless and timeless.
Otto put out an EP, 'Movie Viewers', which came w/ 4D glasses & a double groove. Amazingly, it has come back full circle with Otto von Ruggins and VON LMO together again in the 21st Century, as the ultimate Experimental/Avant Garde duo, AVANT DUEL. Electronics the way William Burroughs used language! Cognitive dissonance rules & there are NO RULES!

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Hello Music has declared in a six page pdf file review of their 'Parallel Universe' masterpiece that AVANT DUEL is "...on the cusp of greatness" and that our "music is its own art form" with comparisons to Daft Punk, Kraftwerk & The Pet Shop Boys. All that & they haven't even seen the video for the song, which you can see NOW on Reverbnation & YouTube!
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