Christopher Hoffee started Atom Orr as a diversion from his rock bands that he is in (Truckee Brothers, The Makeup Sex, Dada Data, Mystery Lights, and Fivecrown). Producing and engineering his project he plays most everything on the albums with occasionally pulling his friends/band mates Matt Lynott, Greg Friedman, and Patrick Dennis into the mix. Up until now, Atom Orr has mostly been a presence in placements in MTV and indie films, shows have been few a far between considering the bands Christopher is in, his studio CHAOS Recorders, and the record label Populuxe Records.
His latest effort soon to be released on Populuxe Records “Searching For Sparrows” continues his Pop/Rock trend but relying on more piano and keyboards. “Scot Free”, “Dreams Aren’t for the Sleepy” and “It’s Okay” are showing to be the stand-out tracks for the album so far. Though with its release still eminent, it’s hard to say what will eventually come. Only the words “Stay Tuned” come to mind.
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