I started creating tachno music in the mid 80's when i was still in high school at the time in my very first kay broad was a YAMAHA in than lead to a DR RYTHEM drum machine that was very populer at the time in i had the dr rythem for a long up untill 1997 in the last century. but it toke me a long for
years to realy git into mini software
at the up untill my very first mini was
MAGIX music studio in 1998 in the last version MAGIX muisc maker delux 11 in 2006.

in 2000 i got CAKEWALK home studio 9
now in 2007 i use REASON 3.0 in i must say i realy love reason.


I am a producer/digital artist and social media developer .
My interest into techno music started in mid 80's with groups like
Kraftwerk/Soul sinsonic Force/Thomas Dolby in many others.


In 1984 i purchase my very first Yamaha Keyboard in that gave birth in interest of wanting to play techno music.
I also purchase a new DR. Rhythm drum manchine in along with a new Realistic mixer
that i use up untill the late 90's.

In the mide and late 1980's i recorded all my music on audio tape up untill 1996.
so in 1996 i use my first recording software calld Magix.


In the year 2000 i experimented with Cakewalk pro-audio -8 software


In the year 2001 i did a digital art exhibition in Barcelona,spain for the
Euroart 2001 exhibition in October 2001 in also my digital art peace
was publish in the euroart 2001 book in on cd rom.
The digital art peace was intitle Cosmic unity.


In 2006 i launch my first music project on Mspace.com/Blackplanet.com/cdbaby.com
sonicbids.com in other sites out there on the web.

People from around the world sence 2006 has taking a liking to my music.


August 08.2008 i release my new single intitle Paradox-Premonition-2012.
in just reasonly in nov 08 i met a promoter from NewYrok name Aj in he
listen to my music in

desided we both should network togather to created something new for 2009.
in AJ also want me to re-design his site calld "we party world wide" .com.
So i am very excited about this new phenomenon production that AJ want
me to help him to build something new creating much bigger like events like SENSATION
over seas.


03-14-2010 i will release my new Mobile digitial net album intitle Transcend mind-2012


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