Story Behind The Song

Having fun, learning how to use software, practice mixing and composition. Hoping to get lucky and add some more software to my stack by way of the contests prizes.

Song Description

I took "No Repeats" to a bit of an extreme by attempting to string together melody bits and write supporting content in a way that made sense to the melody and flowed from one phrase to another. For the Two Genre I have a clear separation but the listener should also hear some melodic bits in the orchestral sections that allude to popular works in reggae, country and pop, while finishing off differently. Just to stay in the spirit of the second contest.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Classical - Contemporary, New Age - Neo Classical
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Restless Subject Existence, Life
Era 2000 and later

Very much enjoyed listening'

Music Bryant Johnson Producer Bryant Johnson
Publisher Bryant Johnson Performance Bryant Johnson
Label INOA
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