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The concept is that the Apostle Peter has a Pub where Tuesday night is Open Mike Night and the crowd favorite gets all you can eat ribs. Please Help.... suggest the correct genre for it to be listed under.

Song Description

The song opens with Bach and Beethoven fooling around... Wendy Carlos is there too (Switched on Bach), little Susie from Demoins is there for her piano recital... followed by a reprise with Bach,Beethoven and Carlos... then a famous classical guitar guy backed up by Jaco on bass.... Angels do the stage work.... this is part one cause it got too involved. Eventually I might do a voice over with a famous sports caster doing blow by blow... Part two is outlined with some tracks recorded and in progress. Hope you enjoy it.

Song Length 6:00 Genre New Age - General, Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject Heaven, Universe
Similar Artists Mindless Self Indulgence Era 2000 and later
Music Bryant Johnson Producer INOA
Performance Bryant Johnson
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Cyndi Corkran Beautiful music 3/18/2014
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