Its a New Day/ Prelude to Ascent

Song Description

This is the opening piece for a few that I'd like to write that represent a journey of sorts. Hopefully you will be able to associate a visualization of ascending in some sort of lift from a planet's surface to an awaiting spacecraft preparing for launch. Like many trips go some things are left undone regardless of preparations. I tried to select instruments for their resonant qualities. I could see in my minds eye someone getting ready to leave earth for the last time and thought they might have a thought process mixed with looking back, soaking up the look and feel of the earth for their last memory's sake and looking forward to the coming journey all at the same time. Hopefully you will be able to hear all that, as I tried to include those things by weaving sound.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Electronic - General, New Age - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Subject Change, General Era 2000 and later
Music Bryant Johnson Producer Bryant Johnson
Performance Bryant Johnson Label INOA
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