Gypsy Jazz Pie

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Having some fun with music.

Song Description

Gypsy Jazz influence can be found in most modern music. An allegory of the pie baking process is used in the sounds presented and in the arrangement to add emphasis to the point that Gypsy Jazz is an ingredient in most of todays music. Probably the most obvious in the work is side stick snare hits used to resemble a whisk and a mixing bowl and the use of compression and EQ on the snare latter on to add bubbling hot pie filling. A great deal of work went into composing the diatonic lines played by the various instruments so that they could either stand alone, or when played together become a part of a chord structure, while attempting to have both single lines and chords be reflective of various Gypsy Jazz standards or musical devices. This is a remix based on broadjam review input.

Song Length 3:27 Genre Unique - General, New Age - Progressive
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Sociable, Cool Subject Fun, Evolution
Similar Artists Dixie Dregs Era 2000 and later


This is a composition that attempts to illustrate how Gypsy Jazz has influenced or is in some way a common ingrediant of modern music. The allegory of a pie is used in the title but also within the various movements of the piece as the ingrediants are gathered, mixed, baked.. and eaten of course.

Music Bryant Johnson Producer Bryant Johnson
Performance Bryant Johnson Label INOA
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