Going Back to Where I've Never Been

Song Description

"Going Back to Where I've Never Been" has so far, received a "Global Music Award", and has been nominated for the "Hollywood Music in Media Award".

Song Length 5:30 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood On Cloud Nine Similar Artists Weather Report
Era 2000 and later

love of the overall feel and sound of the tune....well done...

Highly professiona under evey aspect and quite pleasant to listen to. Great playing throughout. Original brass arrangements. Jazz instrumental easy to listen to. Ready to be inserted in a movie or discographic project. The violins toward the end are a nice touch.

Awesome! Great snappy intro. Very nice bass! (I'm a bass player). I wonder if the bass is a guitar or programmed, it sounds so perfect! Horn section melody and solos are extremely easy to enjoy. Drums are very tasteful, driving a very nice groove. A very nice bright and happy song. I love how the instrumentation steadily dissolves into the ending, an interesting fade out!

This reminds me of nice elevator or hold music. Also good restaurant background music for a nice, romantic evening. Sleek and smooth, it's a well-produced and balance recording. Excellent instrumentation. Nearly everything sounds pretty real. There are some decent change-ups that make this piece varied and more interesting to listen to.

Nice piece, love the brass, gives it a quality feel. Pleasant, easy listening, with some nice changes. Well done.

This tune is very mellow and laid back, I love the sound of the drums and the saxophone and all the other horns and reeds, I also like all the cool blues licks on the guitar lead.

I love the arrangement most of all. Great song!! This could be a great song for TV or film. The Saxes are awesome. Nice horns overall. I like the strings at the end. You don't even notice the rhythm section is gone with the strings still carrying the load. One of the best songs I've heard on Broadjam. Nice job!!!

Music Paul Messina Producer Paul Messina and Gary Vandy
Publisher Funky Paul's Music Publishing Performance Paul Messina
Label Gary Vandy Mixing and Mastering
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Clean Clean

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