Gotta Tell You

Story Behind The Song

The song is a lyrical thank-you both to friends who've been there for me even during hard time AND the emerging feeling/idea that somebody you don't actually know that well and just met is actually one of your best friends.

Song Description

I needed a song for closing credits for the movie I was scoring & put this one together really quickly.

Song Length 2:30 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Affable, Charming Subject Friend, Hope
Similar Artists Elliott Smith, The Dave Matthews Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


Was falling down again - I gotta tell you, friend
It wasn't until then I knew
I couldn't talk to them - that's the moment when
I found out in the end it's you

You don't know me yet - I feel like we just met
You're someone that I barely knew
You don't wanna split - when you listen to my shit
Even when I've had a drink or two

Everything's in play - I know that it's OK
There's nothing I can't say to you
I know you're gonna stay - it isn't just one-way
You know I'd act the same way too

You don't make a big deal - it's just the way you feel
Remember when they'd call it "blue"?
It's strange to confess - when life is such a mess
It's fun to be depressed with you

Life is strange, but compared to what
I don't wanna overstate it much
I have to say that my best friend is you
You can see when I need to talk
And it doesn't feel weird at all
It's just a thing that you and I can do

Lyrics Charlie Recksieck Music Charlie Recksieck
Producer Charlie Recksieck & Andy Machin Publisher Bigfellas Music
Performance Charlie Recksieck & Mary Grasso Label Bigfellas Music
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