Starting Tomorrow

Song Length 5:40 Genre Jazz - Swing, Jazz - Modern
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gloomy, Distressed Subject Change, Addiction
Language English



Feeling like a ten pound weight is laying cross my chest
Thinking bout the last few years, I haven't felt my best
The reasons for aren't hard to find as I take another drag
But I promise to stop smoking...starting tomorrow

Floating in this tiny box of what I call my Life
Oh I'd never ever touch the ground if not but for my wife
But tonight i just can;t stand the pain so I have to get away
But I promise to stop toking...starting tomorrow

It's such a crazy thing to think that you can change it overnight
Cause when the morning comes, and it still not done you cry
Another day, Another way just to find a way to get he job done

A better man might know the ways in giving up their vice
but i know the pain in giving up, I've done more than twice
So this song comes to and end I'll say it one more time
I promise to stop smoking
I Promise to stop toking
I Promise to start hoping
Starting Tomorrow

Lyrics Tom Reock Music Tom Reock
Producer Tom Reock Performance The Reock & Roll Revue
Label Hug-A-Tree
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New Jersey #4
Production - Up Tempo #8
Jazz - Swing #2
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