Its a Wonder

Song Description

Man wondering how his woman puts up with him

Song Length 5:00 Genre Country - General
Subject Madly In Love


Its a wonder to me
you still love me
with all i say and do
Its a wonder to me
you still love like i love you.

when i think of the ways
i must hurt you when i feel low
and the way you do the things you do when anyone else would go.

And i promise my darling your dreams will all come true, and the love you give so freely will come back to you

When the dark clouds are gathered round me and i cant see the sun
and i cant see no future and i just want to run
you wrap your love around me and make me see the way,
Down the road we,ll walk together forever and a day

rpt chorus

You make me happier than any man should be
you make my heart soar with the birds
our life is the best that it could be
hold me close and dont say a word
hold me close and dont say a word

Lyrics Stafford, fairey Music Stafford,fairey
Producer alan Jenkins Performance Gibson Parr Fairey Stafford

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