In Time

Song Description

a love song about wasted moments

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Alternative


A Thousand words are never spoken.
a million novels never wrote.

Empty notions on the paper,
heartache hidden in a note.

And in time the pain will fade away, so nevermind today, Hold your heart in your hand and pray for love.

A simple song that needs no volume. Silence is the sweetest sound (no sound at all)
and in the melody is something (that lifts us up)
To bring you up when you are down.

And in time the circle comes around and what was lost is found Hold you heart in your hands and pray for love.

Another wasted moment waiting to arive.
Another wasted moment taken from our lives.

And in time this man will stand alone (like another rolling stone)
hold your heart in your hand and pray for love. (theres nothing else above) hold your heart in your hand and pray for Love.

Lyrics Parr, Fairey Music Parr, Fairey
Producer Alan Jenkins Performance Lockton, Fairey, Parr Gibson

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