Resting My Head On A Raindrop

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll


"Resting My Head On A Raindrop"

verse 1: What's a boy supposed to do?
When all the raindrops all seem bigger than you?
What's a boy supposed to say?
When all the words have been used every way

prechorus 1: With so many stars lighting up the sky
Life will find a way beyond the Milky Way
So many stars, it just blows my mind

chorus 1: Resting my head on a raindrop
Like blades of grass taller than mountaintops
One small planet amongst the stars
Spinning a way this life next to mars

verse 2: Now I'm feeling so small (small)
Knowing that the earth is just spinning (spinning)
I'm not feeling so tall
Watching a super moon up in the sky

prechrous 2: Makes you wonder why we're here
Makes you question all your fears
Makes you ponder why we live and die
(Why do we live and die?)

chorus 2: Resting my head on a raindrop
Like blades of grass taller than mountaintops
One small planet amongst the stars
Spinning a way this life called ours

lead break(over a verse)

prechorus 2: You're the center of my universe
You're the reason it can be heard
You make the stars move in my sky
You are.... my reason why.

chorus3: Resting my head on a rain drop
Like blades of grass taller than mountaintops
One small planet amongst the stars
Spinning around this orbit of ours

chorus 4: Resting my head on a raindrop
Blades of grass taller than mountaintops
One small planet amongst the stars
Spinning a way this life next to mars

Words and music: Thomas Edward Bowden and
Christopher Paris Williams
engineer and producer: Thomas Edward Bowden
Contact: Thomas Bowden, 985-264-2409,

The Soulscript song title "Resting My Head on a Raindrop" is good for many a curious soul with quite a lot of mental visuals that a professional video shoot would be fun to see to support this musical composition.

Song Formatting is followed in your writing this song and since I always do a repetition of playing the song (Lyrics & music) to judge I noticed only a very few things in the production and the arranging that I may have tried to change with the vocalist(s).

Frankly, we know opinions are only as your choice of which pro Broadjam reviewer you ask; therefore, an opinion from me is what you will get every time. Suggestion for this song is you share with as many professionals in the field of reviewers as possible to get a wide spectrum of opinions. This if you may afford to do so. This might find a good honest reviewer unless they only stroke the ego of which should not be done in my humble opinion. Helping other artists within the industry should never to be a reason of profit for reviewing song writing & recordings at all levels especially noting the costs, time and polish of any production.
Live performances often to strangers will help get a general public response too with visuals but never play to family or friends. We all know Mastering can be accomplish anywhere but I am glad you had this song mastered as you indicated. Who you contract is also selective by the person on the board in studio work you have chosen too.

Please know perfection is not an artist's job (although we are not often satisfied) like surgery in the emergency room the doctors might strive to save a patient from leaving this world. Yes? No? So, the paid services of the engineer, producer(s), arranger(s), musician(s) or even the song writer(s) that may be hired on commission basis for a product is all still work.
Some work maybe better than others. It's because people are naturally different with different tastes in every product created. With many a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, etc. trying to reach a NARAS top five level it is not through marketing or sales this occurs. Depends on WHY you are in the music recording business.
In our professional business we all look for those special gems that you may connect with at the time of writing of course. Then find professionals or people who might hear & see it performed and say "I wish I wrote that song" even if it never was or may be a Grammy Winner.

Thank you for sharing your "Resting my head on a Raindrop" or aka "Head on A Raindrop" or "Resting My Head" song with me. I look forward to reviewing more at any time of your original cooperative songwriting production work. But my last quote for you and all songwriters is never stop creating as there is a reason your heart & soul knows why you write.

Spirited, rootsy classic rock with a catchy Cosmos-themed chorus.

"Resting My Head On A Raindrop" has to be one of the most intriguing song titles ever. And while it took me a few listens to drill down to what I think Soulscript is onto lyrically, with those few listens the song and hook became a classic 'song worm' for me... and I couldn't stop singing the chorus. A good thing--for this original roots/rocking/Americana band charting some new territory for itself. End of the day, this is a pretty heady, philosophical story--and Soulscript has made a cool sounding, provocative record that gets our wheels turning at the same time we're grooving on it.

Lyrics Thomas Edward Bowden and Christopher Paris Williams Music Thomas Edward Bowden and Christopher Paris Williams
Producer Thomas Edward Bowden Publisher Nobody Big Music, L.L.C. / ASCAP
Performance Soulscript Label Nobody Big
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