Looking at Me

Story Behind The Song

These are difficult times - people are losing their jobs and having less money. But they forget that if they are genuine and have an inner groove (or ability to dance) that it will still shine through and get peoples' attention - despite the lack of money and bling!

Song Description

A song about losing your job and having no money but you can still get your groove on and be the center of attention (because a genuine 'groove' is something that money can't buy).

Song Length 4:47 Genre Pop - Dance, Electronic - House
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, In High Spirits Subject Poverty, Dance
Language English Era 2000 and later


Looking at Me

Guess who's been bleeding blue now they've lost it?
Guess who's been sleeping out in the rain?
Guess who's gonna come for you when you've lost it too?
Guess who's only got themselves to blame?

CHORUS *************
The groove'll never be the one to say goodbye
It may be the last thing left in my life - but it sets me free
I thank you all for being here tonight
You got the money and the honeys dance in light
But you're looking at me
You're looking at me
(I'm a some kinda freak)

Guess you've been feeling blue now you've lost it
I guess you've seen your whole wide world go insane
I guess you've come for the truth now you lost your way
I guess you only have yourself to blame (on the line)


(Don't you wanna dance)
Come for the ride
see what its like to be
away from plastic smiles
and the lies of green
the best things in life are free
(you're dancing with me)

Chorus etc

Looking At Me is a really great commercial dance song.. super catchy... classic!

Good song has real potential well done.

Quote: 'Looking at me' by artist Costa Ioannides is pop/dance gold! A solid punchy track with an excellent vocal performance. This track has it!

Great Job. Original, nice music.

Great production & great lyrics!

Lyrics Costa Ioannides Music Costa Ioannides
Producer Costa Ioannides Performance Costa Ioannides (All instruments & vocals)

Looking at Me

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