Hot Boiled Peanuts

Story Behind The Song

I do a lot of driving in my career as a performing songwriter. Wrote this song for the guys on the road selling their peanuts. They loved it. Everyone who has heard this song loves it!

Song Description

Story follows a person driving down the road and stopping to buy hot boiled peanuts, too hard to resist.

Song Length 3:11 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Jovial Subject Taste, Fat
Similar Artists Michelle Shocked, Willie Nelson Language English
Era 2000 and later


It?s a right fine day. I can see the sun
and I?m drivin? south down 301
and I?m not really hungry but I see the sign
And I wonder if I can pass it up this time. Ooooo (the sign says)

Hot boiled peanuts. Hot boiled peanuts.
I like ?em. You like ?em. Hey we all like ?em.
Hot boiled peanuts. Hot boiled peanuts.

I?m liftin? up my foot and I take it off the gas
and I put it on the brake ?cause I know I can?t pass
up the man who?s standing by the side of the road
with a smile so wide and his tailgate load

On his truck, he?s got a pot
in his pot, he?s got some hot.
Now I know I gotta have some?. (Chorus)

I?m takin? out my wallet and I peel off some cash
The dipper goes down ?n makes a little splash
My mouth starts waterin?, ?cause it won?t be long
I?ll be scarfin? down peanuts ?n singin? my song. (Chorus)

I keep tellin? myself that it ain?t no dream
I got the world?s finest peanuts with the salt and the steam
and the doc?s gonna scream when I step on the scale
But if he?d try ?em just once, he?d know why I wail for my?. (Chorus)

Not sure i can get peanuts out of my head for the rest of the day, but i that is the point of a song! Quite a unique country bluegrass offering. Love the string action rounding out the music. Lovely children choir adfotion. Well done.

I love hot boiled peanuts

Yeh, might not know what is though.

Wow-- just the love the instrumentation on this song. All the elements of bluegrass! Very cool. I like the character in the lead vocal and the children's choir behind it was a nice touch too. I could see this song in some sync opportunities.

Great tune!! Extremely well done! Love the fiddle player and outstanding vocals!

excellent, love the music and the performances were great the only thing I can think of that might be an issue is...


Hmm.., yea. Hot nuts and warm beer and juke joint blues on Mississippi night are four of my favorite things. And you nailed one of em! Kudos! Good stuff. A little PG for my tastes, but then again I am careening through life guided by my sexual thirst and down hard hunger. And though it is one way in which to live it most certainly is not one that I recommend.

- ch

catchy little tune. for entertainment is great fun. reminds me of the days Jimmy Carter was president.

This song had a nice feel. I thought the song flowed well, the transitions between sections were smooth. The singer had a nice voice and the intrumentalists were top notch. I liked the various counter themes you added with the dobro (was that a dobro???) and the violin--I thought they added a nice touch. I also liked the children singing in the background, it was nice kind of surprise.

Enjoyed the Dobro player. This seems like it would be a fun song for a children's record or children's show.

Nice beat and instrumental. I like the fiddle instrumental break.

This was a fun song, it would be great on a Children's album. I had a good time listening to it. It was lots of fun. I loved the country beat you put to it.

Nice fiddle, I presume this is aimed at a festival kind of market. Like the kids voices and a great tune.

I like this It's really different. Nice arrangement of different instruments. I like the vocals and harmonies. Great rhythm and feel. The fiddle and harmonica really work good together. I like the stops in the song. Great lyrics too. The drums were right on. Great song.

I don't listen to this type of music. If my kids listened to music, they would love this. My kids are 2 and 5. I would prefer they listen to this than some of the other kids shows blaring bad music in my home. Good instrumentation.

original nutty idea

I was immediately pulled in to the song from the intro, great job!! The instrumentation and quality of the recording is top notch!! Love the use of harmonica, fiddle, dobro and guitar on the leads. The song is driving and has a nice flow to it.

This song was so great.. It definitely brought a smile to my face I love it!

What a fun song with a great groove! Well Done

JUST ALOT OF FUN!!! I HATE boiled peanuts but I love this song:-Dgreat players and arrangement

Really good arangement. Keepup the great work.

Lovely harmonies and vocal interaction.
Captivating fiddle.
Great arrangement.

Your song has good instrumentation and the vocal quality and recording quality are good.

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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