Because I Knew That You Loved Me

Story Behind The Song

There is hope that comes from knowing the love of others.

Song Length 3:52 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Spoken Word - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Peaceful, Serene
Subject Encouragement, Peace Language English
Era 2000 and later


On the day I was born I was caught in a storm - the wind blew hard and fast
The drama had been cast, and my life became a story.
As the years went by no one heard my cry and the ice grew on my soul
The drama took its toll, in uncertainty and worry.
Yet I knew somehow I'd make it, I knew I could hold on
Through the darkest nights and coldest days I'd known
I could make it through, somehow I knew, I believed someone loved me.
I walked alone as the years went on, but I never left the stage
Couldn't seem to turn the page, a loneliness unbending
Without a cause and with no applause, life was hanging by a thread
But a voice inside my head, said the tragedy was ending.
The curtain fell on the dark of hell as I breathed the light of day
It was time to change the story, there was no more debt to pay
The skies had changed from twilight to the brightest shade of blue
I could make it through, because it was true, because I knew someone loved me.

One act play - lost in an alleyway - standing in the cold in the rain in the night
Without a protector, without a director, curtain call, empty hall, stage without light.
Then I saw the suns' rays, new days, new ways, warmed by the joy of the smile on your kind face,
New place, new grace, tragedy erasing, fire in my soul from your gentle embracing.
Now the play goes on with a different script
As my second act unfolds, watching what the future holds
For my Tragedy has ended
I write my lines with a pen so fine, and I memorize them well.
There is so much more to tell, for my sorrow has been mended.
Because I knew somehow I'd make it I knew I could hold on
Through the hardest nights and coldest days I'd known
I made it through, when I knew, yes I knew someone loved me.
I made it through, because I knew, yes I knew that you loved me.

Lyrics Jim Bohn Music Jim Bohn
Producer Kevin Arndt Performance Tracy Hannemann, Warren Weigratz, Jim Bohn, Eric Hervey
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