Shelter from the Storm

Song Description

My life in four verses

Song Length 6:00 Genre Rock - Classic, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Serene Subject Determination


As a young man on the back stage
Picking soft on my guitar
Drivin fast past all those young girls
Trying impress them with my car
Yea they didn't see the heartache
Of my not so happy home
And I found myself
Seeking shelter from the storm

And I'll never forget that summer
When she took me for a ride
When my heart was burned to ashes
And I thought that I would die
But I smiled upon the sunshine
And it kept me safe and warm
And that's where I found myself seeking shelter form the storm

Well I've climbed the corporate ladder
And I'm an educated man
I've seen the rise and fall of many
I've seen the real thing and you know I've seen the sham
So I find my joy in simple things
Like my children, wife and home
Runnin' down the road with my dog
I find shelter from the storm

I been walking down that highway now
For fifty years and more
I got nothing left to prove to no one
And I ain't gonna settle no score
Someday when I'm laid beneath the sod
And I walk those streets of gold
In the arms of the Savior
I'll find shelter from the storm

Lyrics James Bohn Music James Bohn/Ozaukee County Jam Band
Producer George Nestler Performance Mike Sipin - guitar
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