Like A Mountain

Story Behind The Song

A lot of my songs are moments in time for me and this was a particularly good one.

Song Description

A mountain as a metaphor (simile) for ever lasting love.

Song Length 3:26 Genre Folk - Americana


There are things that
I will never know
like why the wild
mountain flowers grow
or how old pine trees
live a thousand years

or why my heart beats hard
when you are near
like cold clear water
need to drink you in
loving you
it made my life begin

Like a mountain
that I climb
My love will weather through
all time until
like a mountain
I go to the sea

wind and rain may come
and wear me down but
my love for you's
firmly on the ground
and I will love you
till my sun goes down

but then I'll find you
in the sky
across the universe
we'll fly
until the stars become
you and I

there are things that
I will never know
like why the wild
mountain flowers grow
being with you's
all I want to know

"Your musical intimacy in structure and presentation sets your songs and production apart from the pack".

Tom Bocci

Matt Taylor will capture your senses and take them on a nice, smooth ride.

If like me you appreciate sincerity in singer-songwriters, you're going to love Matt Taylor. Do yourself a favor and check him out!

Lyrics Matt Taylor Music Matt Taylor
Producer Matt Taylor Performance Matt Taylor

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