Piece of My Heart

Song Length 4:22 Genre Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Adorable Subject Son


Piece of My Heart

How can I explain this feeling that you've place in my heart? How I love to see your face and hold you close in my arms. Sometimes I can't believe it but when I look in your eyes I see. I guess I can't deny it you have filled my heart and given me all that I need.

Cause you are my joy and you are my strength. No one else can make me feel this way. You are my love and you are my peace, you are the everlasting gift to me that is why you are a piece of my heart.

And as time begins to pass up and the winds begin to change. I promise I will be around you and that will always stay the same. And when my times get weary and can't see the things that I've done. I just have to remember that you are a gift to me. my precious son.

A very nice sounding love song. The vocalist singing in this song has a very nice voice, excellent vocal control and pronunciation. Easily could be a lead singer in a group.

Nice ambient feel, very soothing, love what you have done.

Lyrics Nick Flores Music Nick Flores
Producer Mike Gregory Publisher Franix Music
Performance Nick Flores
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