We Are One

Story Behind The Song

I am music director for a Catholic church and we had a guest priest come and speak about giving to the poor all around the world. He was affiliated with an organization and asked if I had a song appropriate for meditation and it was the day before he was going to speak. I just decided that I wanted to write a song and I told Annette and she came up with the chorus right away and I found a strong melody and we wrote the song in one day. It was an incredible feeling to write such a strong song in a short period of time and I sang the song that weekend and the priest was blown away by how it fit perfectly with what he was talking about. I am hoping we can get this song out there because it has to strong of a message to not get out there.

Song Description

Background singers Louise Davis Andrew Boland Marlon Chambers Robert Greses Alyssa Potter Marisa Herrera Hannah Bedell Brenna Turner Kenja Johnson Dawn D. Marshall Bass player-P.J. Drummer-Steve Cortinas

Song Length 5:28 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful


We Are One
Written by Nick Flores and Annette Ramirez

Anywhere we go, we are the same, it matters not if I know your name.
Every life that lives, is a precious gift, we must sustain.

Let me share your pain and lighten your load. Help you carry your cross and share in all my gold.

We are one, we are one family, with one Father, who watches over you and me.
We are one, we are one Body, and you are my brother, I stand next to faithfully.
We are One.

It's hard to face the truth, that we see every day, and we have the power to change.
What we take for granted, others are in need, to make it through the day.

Let me share your pain and lighten your load, help you carry your cross and share in all my gold.

Lyrics Nick Flores and Annette Ramirez Music Nick Flores
Producer Nick Flores Performance Joshua Nicholas Flores
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