Line in the Sand

Song Length 4:14 Genre Rock - General, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Civil Rights, Race/Ethnicity
Language English


They don't even know what day it is.
Clocks are running down some dreams.
What would be the consequence,
If they never cared again?

They can fight for the wrong sides,
The world still turns, despite their mistake.
And the error of their pride,
Shows in the choices that they make.

One wrong doesn't give them rights,
Any more than the truth is kind.
It's awful hard to see the light,
Through a door that you can't find.

Do you hear the people sing,
Marching through their "happy place"?
Fooled ourselves that freedom rings.
Check the color of your face.

There's blood in the streets,
There's more on our hands.
There's a price to pay for not taking a stand
What did we lose
Just to gain nothing at all?

Orange isn't the new anything.
It has been here all along.
Hiding among sinners as saints
With no concept of "wrong".

While they argue about their flags,
We're just trying to move along,
From those tired, wretched rags
And all the hatred they spawn

Now we all carry the weight,
Of a meager state of mind.
Maybe we should all suffer the fate
Of the souls we've left behind

They may say they have the right
To see truth any way they want
Well, maybe humans aren't their kind.
Maybe they never really belonged.

So march with your feet,
But ready your hands.
For those who would erase your line in the sand.
We must do more - than just hope
Someday they fall.

The 6/8 time signature is nice to hear (with a few 3/8 and 5/8 bars mixed in but hey, who's counting anyways?). Really full sounding mix. This song idea is supreme... reminds me of David Bowie with a little Peter Gabriel. Extremely quality music!!!

Very good piece with a really strong message and very intelligent lyrics. At times, it puts you to mind of U2. Very well instrumented and produced.

I love the sparse intro. Strong lead vocalist who really sells the song with conviction. Good use of backing vocals which are used just in the right places. Great lyrics which have a poetic quality. The musicianship is spot on. Great drum sound and performance. Excellent sound quality. Catchy song. Shades of U2 about the song.

This appears to be a protest poem put to music. Or perhaps it's a poem about protesters put to music. The imagery is excellent. The presentation is a bit cerebral; it's a song to make the listener think. Where have we been? Where are we headed? Have we made any progress at all? Not a real message of hope here...just a reality check, which, by the way is sonically very well put together. I like the percussive bass underlay and the guitars on top.

totally nice tone and song. nice dynamics

Very atmospheric and the lead vocalist is outstanding on this song. The overall mix is pretty strong, even though it's fairly drenched in echo. Nice dynamic changes. This could easily find its way into the right film or TV scenario. I liked it a lot.

Great opening with the drums and guitar. Excellent lyrics and tone from the lead singer. Excellent slow rock song that has a bit of that 80's power ballad feel, especially in the middle portion. Well done!

Lyrics Jason Mancine Music Jason Mancine
Producer Jason Mancine Publisher Sween Machine Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Jason Mancine w/Rhys Simpson
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Line in the Sand - Jason Mancine (Lyric Video)

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