Story Behind The Song

Roots is the fourth song on the EP where the writer has been through a life altering upheaval from her hometown city, found peace at in the land where she was born, ventured out to find new a new life and love, failed, and is now finding her sense of self even when others tell her she is wrong. In the first verse, she meets a new man that seems jaded, so she invites him to experience a new love. However, he rejects the offer so she continues to live an adventurous life. The man is off-put by her love for travel and excitement, so she invites him to experience it for himself. Again, her offer is rejected and she contemplates the many reasons why she hasn't found love. She wonders why her opinions and thoughts should be kept to herself and finally, visits her grandmother's grave to ask what the right decisions in life might be. She comes away with the realization that these are just life's travels and that she should stay true to herself and her roots.

Song Description

Roots is about finding your sense of self despite someone else's doubts and assumptions about who you are as a person. The crux of the song is when the writer asks the widow in her grave what the right path in life truly is, and she says that is the experience of living through life's trials and errors. There isn't a right or a wrong, just your sense of who you are as a person. The baritone guitar intro establishes an earthy vibe that is echoed by classic pedal steel licks. The piano harkens back to the sounds of Floyd Cramer and while the vocals are sung sweetly with a hint of a backwoods undertone.

Song Length 5:19 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Tranquil, Pleasant Subject Relationship, Life
Similar Artists Ashley McBryde, Courtney Marie Andrews Language English
Era 2000 and later


I traveled down an old gravel lane
I saw him through the window pane
I thought it was love at first sight

But in time I turned him down
Something in his furrowed frown
Told me something just ain't right

So I asked him if he'd ever been a told
Of a love that never could never die, never grow cold

I need you but I leave you
I cry what's it to you
if I stay here or if I go?

I know i need to love you
I can't stop thinking of you
If I can't choose how will i know?

How far down do these roots grow?

So I kept walking down the way
I crawled into a jet airplane
Two nights in a row I flew high

Just as I started coming down
He stopped me with that furrowed frown
Said good girls flying high just ain't right

So I asked him if he'd ever had the joy
Of seeing the world, away from all the noise

I need you but I leave you
I cry what's it to you
If I stay here or if i go?

I know I need to love you
I can't stop thinking of you
If I can't choose how will I know?

How far down do these roots grow?

My roots and boots never walked
Down the isle just down this bar room
Floor...can't take it anymore

If my tongue was made for talking
Why should I be shutting my lips down
Good girls don't make a sound

Sanding at a widows grave
I asked her to show me the way
She just turned to me and she smiled

She said the way is down gravel lanes
It's flying high in airplanes
And knowing right from wrong ain't what to know

It's how far do your roots grow?

Amy Elizabeth's "Roots" is Country / Americana nearly at its finest. Great performances. Great vocals. Excellent songwriting. It has all the makings of what should be a hit song and belongs on radio.

Lyrics Amy Elizabeth Laemmli Music Amy Elizabeth Laemmli
Producer Troye Kinnett Publisher Self-published
Performance Drums: Lester Estelle, Bass: Craig Kew, Keys: Troye Kinnett, Guitars: Andy York, Pedal Steel: Michael Clark, Mix/Mastering Engineer: Justin Ray Miller Label Independent Artist
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