Reading Between The Lines

Song Description

About thinking you found the "one" to discover they thought otherwise

Song Length 2:44 Genre Pop - General
Subject General


I've been reading between the lines again
Reading what I want to read
Believing what I want to believe
So please don't end my dreams

Let me read, between the lines
Let me read, between the lines

You've been saying I love you
With every smile upon your face
And visions of the smile wont erase
Just because you say,
Go away, go away

Living in my dreams is where I am
Living between the lines, is where I stay

I thought I'd found the star to play the part
Of my dreams
Of a love that would never end
Oh Lord! If you would just pretend
I'm sure, we'd see the sun

Let me read between the lines
Let me read between the lines
Come on and let me read between the lines

A lonely song of longing and hope, sung extraordinarily well and mixed ready for a break-up scene in your favorite teen television drama.

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