Story Behind The Song

Watching family members and friends trying to overcome their demons and addictions. With the hope that Someday.....the sun will shine on them and lead them out of their darkness.

Song Description

A song with words that act as a conversation with ones own conscience, not pulling any punches. Just saying it like it is to yourself, all the while knowing, deep down inside that change will come and the change will be bright and lasting. Moody introspective music in the verses and big uplifting choruses that explode boldly and joyously giving hope.

Song Length 4:08 Genre Country - Rock, Blues - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Welcoming Subject Hope, Recovery
Similar Artists Blake Shelton, The Rolling Stones Language English
Era 2000 and later


Some Day

By Mark D. Szalapski

Fell down and skinned my pride, while running life's fun race
Took another step or two and put myself back in my place
Now I've got this handled like I never did before,
But I keep waking up and pick my pride up off the floor

But some day the sun is gonna shine on me, Ya some day the sun is gonna shine on me

Had another look inside and found out that there's not much there to see,
Just another shadow of me
Blue skies up above
But clouds are all I ever seem to see
Just another storm ahead for me

But some day the sun is gonna shine on me, Ya some day the sun is gonna shine on me

Lyrics Mark Szalapski Music Mark Szalapski
Producer Jake Johnson Performance The Guinetones
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