Hold On

Story Behind The Song

When times get tough Jesus will be our rock if our hope is in Him

Song Description

A lost soul far from home, thinking about letting go of life until he realizes that Jesus is there to pull him through.

Song Length 3:24 Genre Rock - Religious, Country - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Tense, Gloomy Subject Life, Loneliness
Similar Artists Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen Language English
Era 2000 and later


When I feel like I can't cope
When I feel so far from home

Lord you give me a reason
A reason to hold on
Hold On
Lord you give me a reason
A reason to hold on
Hold on

When my faith is tested so
When I feel like letting go

Lord you give me the courage
and the strength to hold on
You give me your hope
Lord you give me a reason
A reason to hold on
Hold on, Hold on

Are you lost in an endless maze
We'll I know that only Jesus saves
He'll give you the peace you've been longing for.
He'll give you His hope
Jesus is our rock in the midst of the storm
Hold on, Hold on

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold on

I like the chords.

Nice job. Sounds a lot like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. Hold on now :-) awesome.

The production is solid, its definitely in the AOR genre. It reminded me a great deal of Tom Petty. I like the fact that the vocal is very intimate and up front in the mix. There are no harmonies or backing vocal which also add to the intimacy. Clearly this is well recorded and both the artist and engineer have been clear about what they want to achieve. It was a clear and simply lyric and idea and that deserves 10 out of 10.

like the start, oh i like the dylan voice, sounds good, nice balance, good mix, nice job overall

A beautiful lyrical effort.

One Analysis score that should be added is Groove! This song has a great groove, the guitars and drum, reminding me of a nice U2 or REM groove, which keeps the listener tuned in. The lyrics flow really nicely, not detracting at all from the groove, and sit well with the arrangement. The vocal has a sort of raw, vulnerable quality in this mix, which for spiritual text can communicate well. I also think that the vocal is appropriately placed in the front.

nice overall song structure. liked the hook...could have heard it repeated more
Nice verse lyrics. good guitar play all the way through. like the chord change in the bridge

Pretty good recording. Good hook. I can imagine this in a movie soundtrack for sure. Vocals remind me a little of Dylan. This is the kind of song that definitely grows on you, each time you listen to it! Good Job!!!

I really liked the lyrics in this song. Very powerful and heartfelt. You can tell the artist really enjoys writing and has a great attachment to his music and i love that.

A very distinctive voice. I like the guitar and the qsuility of production is great.

I like how emotive your voice is, I can hear what you're feeling as you're singing. I don't always hear that from singers. That was cool to hear. It has a very decent lyrical melody, too. Adding another guitar track, a different sound to flesh the song out some, then maybe add a few guitar fills, and perhaps some keyboards in the background would help fill the song out. It's hard not to relate to the lyrics.
I'd rate it a 3.6-3.7 overall.

Flow of the song needs more work but has potential

Beautiful song. That voice draws you into every word. The simple instrumentation keeps the focus on that incredibly comfortable and listenable voice throughout. Really good stuff and 5 big stars.

It's not an unpleasant listen, I dare to say.

I like the Guitar parts and the Rythmn Section. Has a very cool Tom Petty Kind of feel.
Great Lyrics and Story in the song, Keep chugging away at your passion.
Good luck!!

This artist reminds of Crowder (as far as Christian rock goes) and also Bob Dylan (sound-wise). The recording was clean on all the instruments, and I liked the guitar. The song progressed. I liked the hook-y "hold on" repeating at the end.

Very powerful lyrics which anyone who has any sense of faith can relate to. Guitar and bass both keep a clean line throughout. Knowing how great potential songs like these have, it is almost guaranteed to have popularity in the christian rock market.

I liked your voice, it reminded me of Tom Petty a lot, deep and raspy like his. The message was real nice and encouraging. The arrangement was nice and simple giving more power to the message. Jesus is our rock in the midst of the storm. Good line there.

Love the voice! very emotional and real. The strength of the recording is the pure intention of the vocal.

Nice cool song but needs a little more work. I like the idea but it needs a little more layers or change ups in instrumentation in parts.

This is a well-written song. You stuck to your topic and the verses and chorus support one another well, with a good hook. My favorite lyric: "caught in an endless maze....Jesus saves" That one was refreshingly original. Vocals and performance are obviously sincere and heartfelt. Tight, great-sounding instrumentation.

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