Jessie Brown

Story Behind The Song

based on true facts of when I was younger

Song Description

friend commits suicide from drug use

Song Length 4:28 Genre Country - Americana, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Sadness, Sorrow
Similar Artists Tom T. Hall, Slaid Cleaves Language English
Era 2000 and later


Key of B...Capo 4Th fret Jesse Brown Lyrics/ T. Edwin Doss
He was standing on the corner no shoes on his feet
C Ninety-five degrees in the Birmingham heat
D G But he don't feel a thing.... feelings don't live in his mind
G Once he had the world on a yo-yo string
C Played guitar, wrote songs he would sing
D G Made you think about things you lost. may want to find He toured big cities, honky-tonks and bars We knew for sure he was shooting for the stars But he strayed too far down an alley off Fifth and Main He saw a G.I. buddy in brand new Jag Sellin' some stuff in a zip-lock bag Where he fell into the arms and the curse of powder cocaine
C Jesse Brown you couldn't resist
G..........F#..............Em The spider in white.. her very first kiss
C D When you mixed in booze her web was holding your breath

Jesse Brown I tried to pull you away
G............F# ............Em When I saw you on a park bench sleepin' every day
Am......................B....................C Wondered why you drugged with the devil ..danced with
D Em D death........ I wanted to cry, I wanted to shout
C D You never let me know what your pain was about
Am.......B,.......C D At night I pray for you when I lay my body down:
Am D G I pray, "Lord, please have mercy on Jesse Brown" I was bracin' the worse.. bad news travels fast Jesse found dead the day before last Off highway seventy-eight , 'swingin from a sycamore tree Was a suicide note stuffed down in his shirt, Said, "Bury me here in the Alabama dirt Sing my songs, don't cry no more for me I was wonderin' if we could have done a little bit more As the preacher was praying Jesse's coffin was lowered I wondered why I came back to this one-horse town Read the words on his tombstone under his name About the time a thunder storm came ....they read, "Lord, please have mercy on Jesse Brown" Chorus

Lyrics T. Edwin Doss Music T. Edwin Doss
Producer T. Edwin Doss Publisher T. Edwin Doss
Performance T. Edwin Doss Label T. Edwin Doss
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