Debut EP released 30/3/2013 arranged and produced and guitars by Benoit Portolano of Blackfeet Revolution fame, a Paris band making waves.

Brainyboxer is a sweet melange of classical violin, piano bar keys and indie rock vocals. Two English and an Australian find themselves expressing life in the city of lights. What might sound like an unholy sonic arranged marriage blends into an original and compelling fresh sound best observed in the acoustic live EP tune; Wash Me Down. Roderic's alternative vocal melodies are punctuated with Peter's rhythmic piano which is all uplifted by Ruth's soaring violin.

Whilst living in Melbourne, Tokyo and Paris over 15 years, Roderic has written dozens of original songs from which the EP was produced. From driving rock all the way to a live acoustic modern folk pop song. Electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, violin and piano. Melancholic through to disenchanted and irreverent. With the odd joyful tune thrown in.

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over 30 days ago to Brainyboxer

thx for review - best wishes, inspirations & fun rayang

over 30 days ago to Brainyboxer

Hi Brainy Boxer
Thanks for review the song was done in the 90's so well spotted even though your scores are a bit harsh. I had a listen to your tracks which have a nice bright feel but also a bit 90's. thanks again. Blincs

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over 30 days ago

That makes sense then. please tell me which song it was so i can have a listen again, not sure which one it was. dont worry, im harsh on myself as well. Anything above 1 is pretty damn good for me! good luck man.

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