just wondering how you are doing. . . (hmmmm)

I've been listening through some of your tunes and I gotta say you have wide and varied talents. From Zombeesha to Hilltop Bossa two tunes I enjoyed and yet two tunes completely different from one another. Incredibly Interesting Island might be my favorite though. I'll check out more soon.

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Thanks Jeff! Your comments are a real lift! Much appreciated. Yes, I just can't stay in one style for very long, I keep writing songs that come out in different genres, that's just the way they occur to me! If you keep listening, you won't find more than a half dozen in any one genre! Thanks and keep on musicking!

Jeff Rauschl
over 30 days ago

I used to go by the Nic 'MrEclectician" on YouTube so I gotta say i love variety as well. Glad to make your acquaintance.

I appreciate the review of "Missed Dat Boat". I thought your comments were both helpful and honest. To tell you the truth this song was one of my early recordings and though I still haven't been able to engineer a song that I feel is professional quality, I have at least improved my sound. Thanks again.

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