Alycia Nichole

Optimism. A word infused with hope, positivity, and good will. These qualities are embodied by up-and-coming vocal artist Alycia Nichole. This young woman has exotic beauty, a soulful voice, and an ocean of creative talent. However, what is even more impressive is her deep-seated devotion to making the world a better place."I live to help others. I have been given a lot of love in my life, and everything I do is pretty much in the business of serving people." Reflecting this philosophy, her songs focus on a variety of upbeat themes. "The world needs uplifting, positive messages in these troubled times. I hope I can provide a little light in the darkness." This desire to help others is part of what draws her to music, which she believes has "the power to heal and affect people's emotions in a positive way."
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If only we could Let Go....

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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