An amateur musician who sold out to the man in my misguided youth and became an auditor. I have been involved in music almost my entire life and I'm still learning.

I play keyboards and the horn in working bands like Third Rail, 23A and Tabasco Road. My home town band, the Shackers, learned and performed my music live and this inspired me to record. I recorded in a studio in town with a great sound engineer and friend who loves to record and has been a great mentor in this process.

I classify my music as Adult Contemporary Alternative Funk Jam Rock with Sub Pop and Punk Under Tones. My style is structure type rock and pop songs with some jammy twists. I enjoy writing, recording and being creative. So give my music a play and leave a comment.

John Flynn stepping up his game

John Flynn is a seasoned, trombone slinging, keyboardist and native New Jerseyan, who rocks the northeast in a slew of bands. He released his first solo record. "Heading For The Sun" highlights nine original songs that range from rock and roll, to soul, ska, and funk.

Topics run the gamut from nostalgia for the glory days of the Woodstock generation in Past Lives, to trying to keep from being thrown in the clinker, in the danceable Ska tune Policeman. It's tough to keep from giggling when hearing John's keyboard mimic a siren after he says, "Policeman, don't take us away ... we're just musicians who play some songs." A power horn reggae groove song "Home" kicks off "Heading for the Sun" with a commentary on how home can not be found in a search for material wealth, but in peace, happiness and love.

John Flynn's breakout record "Heading for the Sun" is sure to find fans in music lovers who seek out rock and roll, ska, soul and reggae. Throw in clever lyrics, honest sentiments, driving rhythms, and old-fashioned fun and you have all the elements of a stellar debut album. If you are one of those music lovers, keep an eye out and your ears peeled for John Flynn.

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Shelly and Paul
over 30 days ago to John P. Flynn

thanks for the review John--your right about alot of recording glitches, I have to try to get the quality better, I 'm only shooting for songwriter demo quality at best!
8 trk board and a limited budget!!!-Paul.

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John P. Flynn
over 30 days ago

I hear you. I'm luck my friend has a recording studio and is good at recording. I was so fustrated with trying to record on my own that I just gave up. I let a lot of time pass by when I could have been getting my material out there. I have been playing with the ipad (garage band) to just map out some songs. I seems easier. I wish you the best of luck. Keep hacking.

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