Currently recording new tunes and collaborating with other esteemed musical artists in Baja Sur California, Mexico, following the release of her latest album, "Summer People", International singer, songwriter, Jenelle Aubade's music style is Avant Garde Alt Folk Rock.

Sounds Like: Mazzy Star

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Ray Jaxon
over 30 days ago to Jenelle Aubade

You have a great voice it's like a Stevie Nicks kind of thing. Wish I could get with you,I have a song called Countin on Fate that I think you would be prefect for. I'm doing some kind of electronic old school chill thing.

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Jenelle Aubade
over 30 days ago

Cool! Would love to help out, xox

The Camaraderie
over 30 days ago to Jenelle Aubade

Thanks for the review of 'The Ladder'! I'm glad you enjoyed the song :)

I really like 'The Eyes', it's got a really cool feel to it.

over 30 days ago to Jenelle Aubade

Hi, thank you for the generous review of 'hydra', I appreciate it. Enjoyed listening to some of your songs, and you have very cool voice.

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