Country music is a soundtrack of the south. With the artistry of vocalist and songwriter Amanda Lamb, the compass points to Southern California and the sun swept shores of Orange County. Amanda's new single, "We Were Here," is an invitation to a coastline drive and an exuberant nod to her West coast roots.
Recorded in Nashville by eminent producer Kent Wells (noted for recent work with Dolly Parton) the tracks feature a skillful collective of Music City players supporting Amanda's warm, confiding voice. "I just love the vibe," she says of the famous musical community, "Nashville has such an appreciation for original music." Growing up in Newport Beach, humming along to Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain on the radio, Amanda Lamb was entranced by the authenticity of country music. "The stories in these songs sounded real," she says. "Country Music feels more comfortable than anything I have ever done," she says. "It feels like home."

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Irresistible pop hooks and sophisticated musicality: Yes, Amanda Lamb is a sunny Orange County, California teenager, but her songs reveal the emotional wisdom and dedicated creative vision of a luminous artist.

Amanda shares her newest project with a growing fan base in an ambitious account of first love. The six songs, to be released over the next 12 months, each signify one chapter of a story, and are accompanied with text and an online video that narrate the chronicle of a teenage romance. The series begins with "Starcrossed Heartbeat" as the scenario unfolds.

On her CD debut, Highwire, Amanda introduced herself with a suite of songs that captured the searching complexity of teen years coupled with an undeniable sense of perspective. She named the CD after a signature track, "Life of An Aerialist," as she notes the song's axis of fragility and strength, a paradox that continues to define her art.

Amanda is a stickler for live instruments in the studio. "Everything is real, the tambourine, the organ and the Wurlitzer," she says. She takes great care in preparing for vocal sessions and her vocal tracks are natural and honest, free of excessive digital effects.

Named to indie-music's Top 25 for 2012, nominated for Best Pop Artist and named Best Youth Artist for the Orange County Music Awards, Amanda is a live performer who has commanded a variety of stages. "It doesn't matter to me what size the audience is," she says as she notes performances at The Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, CA, and Los Angeles venues like M Bar and the Whisky. However she is most enthusiastic about the larger capacity Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. "I could move more on the big stage," she says, "it makes me want more- lights, fog and visual effects."

This stage-ready eagerness belies Amanda's origins as a performer who was once "petrified" at the prospect of singing in front of people. It is a fear that she conquered via a trip to visit Nashville's Brett Manning (Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams) which boosted her confidence to land lead performances with choirs in middle and high school. She has studied with distinguished vocal coach Lis Lewis (Colbie Caillat, Rihanna) for the past 3 years to further develop her artistry.

As a songwriter, Amanda collaborates with her producer Wayne Miller and also with her mother. "She helps me see my life from a different perspective," Amanda observes.

One of Amanda's most celebrity-intensive performances was at actor Danny DeVito's home, where she opened for The Jonas Brothers at the "Rock for Diabetes" benefit concert. It was an event with a special significance, because like the youngest of the trio, Amanda also lives with Type 1 Diabetes.

"Sometimes people says to me, 'But you're such a happy, upbeat person," Amanda shares. "I tell them that I have good and bad days - but I don't let the bad days get to me." It is this destiny, determination and drive that define Amanda Lamb as a young woman, an old soul, and an artist with extraordinary magic to share.


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James Hoppe
over 30 days ago to Amanda Lamb

Amanda- Silver Lining is a really powerful song. My wife struggles with Type 1, so I watch her struggle with it, so I think the fact that you are so involved with support groups is awesome! Nice work.

over 30 days ago to Amanda Lamb

Amanda you music is so perfect what a voice I shall give it airplay during the radio station I am on in Cairns Australia CAIRNS FM 89.1

1 Replies
Amanda Lamb
over 30 days ago

Thank you so much Tony! That means so much to me:)) Which song do you have in mind?

Matia Dathen
over 30 days ago to Amanda Lamb

Whew! 3000 plays. I'm still on 300 =)

Good Job girl!


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