we make CDs of our stuff
then, we sell them at university parties, locally
at only 2 bucks per, we're moving about 60 per week now
kids seem to really dig this weird stuff

so, 120 per week is pretty good, I think
keeps us in beer, ya know what I mean, jumpin' bean?
but, you nice folks can ahe a free copy.
go ahead, DL a full hour CD, for FREE...!!!
or, send 2 bucks to "We-R-Us@Us-R-We.COM"

you'll notice that all our "music" is in the same key
thats because we aren't "musicians"
we dont even know what the musical terms "key", means :)
and, all our music is pretty much playing at ONE tempo...!!!
thats why it all sorta fits together...
it has to do with the fact that we use loops, and samples
and, of couse, we have NO idea how to alter them...!!!
so, all our vocals, we just make fit to our loops...
in the "key" of....
we thank the millions who support our "work", here.

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we sell stuff


over 30 days ago to ArchLord II

i checked out a few minutes of your /sex tape echo/ pretty neat stuff--i always am interested in new ideas of music--cheers--joe.

over 30 days ago to ArchLord II

Thanks for the feedback and support under my drumschool alias.Please feel free to stay tuned for future drumschool updates via my broadjam profile page.

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