I am originally from England and grew up being inspired by artists such as Adam Ant, THe Beatles, and The Rolling Stones.  As you can see, I am a lover of many genres of music.  I have been inspired equally by the greats of the industry such as BDP, Public Enemy, The Police, Beethoven, Miles Davis, Just about every Motown artist, The Jacksons, Prince, etc.  I have been in this wonderful industry for a few decades now and I have seen it change a great deal.  I have always been a huge proponent of lyrical content when writing.  When I am producing I try to use sounds and styles that are as different as possible.  Music is in my blood and 24/7, it is running through my head.  I want to bring a unique sound back to the industry so that when people either hear one of my songs or a song I have produced, they will know that it was touched by me.

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Some of my songs are currently being reviewed. Now decision yet, but I will keep you all posted.

Ozz Bio

Founded in 2010, Land of Ozz Recordings is run by Jermaine S Archibald. Jermaine, (Ozz), has been involved in the music industry in one capacity or another for over 15 years. In the early years a gentleman by the name of Bennie L. Herring II became a mentor, and guide for Ozz. "Much of my business ethics, and much of what I know come from my association with Benny Herring". During this time Ozz was part of a group that had two magnificent opportunities to sign deals. Due to the decisions of one of the members those deals never materialized. During the years that followed the industry began moving away from the hip-hop style that made it so golden. Ozz refocused his energies into production, and some artist management. Land of Ozz Recordings brings back those artists whose lyrical content is exemplary, and has love for the music itself. Paired with an amazing production team, the artists can be sure they have some of the most unique music in their repertoire. "Our company is based on the belief that the artist's needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to providing the knowledge, and resources to artists who truly embrace the idea that music is a universal tool that can deeply move an individual, and be used to "edutain" the masses. We aim to enlighten the general public, and bring about an awakening in the music industry. We specialize in production from hip-hop to R&B. Our brand will fill your spirit with the same exuberance that filled the hearts of those who invented music long ago". Jermaine, a performer himself, has an extensive history of performance, and co-producing showcases in his local area of Broward County, FL with other local companies. Every year in February the company assists with the auditioning, and management of the stage acts which include major headliners. It is that aspect of business management, and his knack for recruiting some of the best artists in the area that led to the creation of the record label. With top notch recruiting, superb production, and a passionate approach to business Land of Ozz Recordings is poised to become a major player in this game.

Save The Music!

Heavy Hitter Bio

Never give up, Never stop trying, and never doubt yourself"!

? Performed at the Willis McGhee Flag Football tournament.
? Performed at the Broward County Fair in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
? Opened for Plies when he performed at Dillard High School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
? Performed at the Uncle Al Festival in FL.
? Performed at various Martin Luther King parades in the tri-county area.
? Performed at Club Livingroom in Miami, FL.
? Performed at the Spilled Ink/SESAC Indie Showcase in Ft. laud., FL 04/2011

At the age of 10 Heavy Hitter started experimenting with Free styling. He will never forget the first beat he free styled off of, Which was Da Brat hit single "Funkdafied". Ever since Heavy was a child, he always loved music or musical productions. In the third grade Heavy was part of his elementary school orchestra. He played the violin and viola. After performing in concerts with his school, his interest for music expanded to heights. From the age of 16 to the present time, Heavy Hitter devotes his time and energies to reaching his goal of becoming the next biggest Rap artist. Heavy Hitter is the type to "NEVER GIVE UP" on anything he begins or sets his mind to. Heavy has a way of leaving an ever lasting impression on anyone he comes in contact with from a day to day basis, be it by thought, word, or deed.

NyL Bio

Jerdeline Heath, Florida native began singing at the age of five. It was at a family reunion during a friendly talent competition in which the bright-eyed petite girl was eager to participate. To her families shock and amazement the tiny figure belted out a rendition of Whitney Houston's I Believe the Children are our Future reminiscent of the Pop Icon herself. Jerdeline's impressive talent grew from there.
While Jerdeline, known then as Lynn to friends and family, was in middle school, she decided to utilize her vocal abilities in a very creative way. Her love for performing in front of an audience was born during a book report on Boyz II Men where she decided to sing their hit "It's so Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" in dedication to a classmate that had recently passed away.
Gifted with a strong, rich, and soulful voice, she decided to join her church choir simply for the love of singing, as well as her high school chorus.
While in high school Lynn decided to embark on a new journey that would take her talents to a different level, and give her a whole new sound as well as a mature outlook. She began to write songs that stemmed simply from her life experiences. Having a newborn baby at seventeen to constantly struggling in a rocky relationship with her mother and brother were some tough life lessons.
Although to some this could be interpreted as a huge disappointment, it was the beginning of her rebirth as NyL. Armed with a strong conviction and a determination to succeed she graduated high school, and finished technical school despite the negativity from others.
NyL went on to try out for Apollo at 19 where she was featured in New York at the Apollo club. She also tried out for American Idol, but was told she "didn't have the sound they were looking for". Not letting that deter her NyL changed her focus and once again decided to take a different approach to stardom.
She submerged herself in her music, and let all other things fade away that were hindering her talents. Performing at several "open mic nights" including those held at Legends Café and Brasa's Lounge. Recently NyL had the honor of performing in her hometown at the Sistrunk Festival. A celebration held annually in honor of Dr. James Sistrunk.
At the age of twenty-seven, launching her singing career has become her primary goal. NyL feels that her life's experiences have seasoned her as a strong vocalist and performer and she is excited about future endeavors for the coming years.
NyL is currently in the studio making her dream of her own album come true. Her self-titled CD "NyL" will soon become a reality.
For booking contact: Ozz
954-780-6819, ozz@landofozzrecordings.com

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Skye Entertainment
over 30 days ago to Ozz

Very Nice, so much talent.

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over 30 days ago

Thank you very much.

Ian James
over 30 days ago to Ozz

Love Addiction is indeed an "Enchanting Song". I like the soundscapes and mood it represents!

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over 30 days ago

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your praise for my music.

Logic and Formula
over 30 days ago to Ozz

thanks for the review nice tracks u got peace

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