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Johnny Hannah

Born in Beaufort S.C Johnny was raised in a military family to parents that both have a endearing love for music. Being the child of a military parent afforded the opportunity to travel extensively and immerse himself in many different sights and sounds that he has instinctively incorporated into his musical works. After graduating from high school he himself joined the United State Navy, during service he suffered a dibilitating knee injury (torn ACL) which curtailed his military career. Prior to discharge Johnny awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his dedicated service and valor while serving on board the USS MIssouri BB-63. Nevertheless he is extremely proud to have fulfilled 8 yrs of duty and obligation to serve his country. Johnny returned to Georgia after his discharge to begin civilian life, all the while notes, concepts, beats and melodies were slowly but surely consuming every aspect of his being. Shortly after relocating Johnny acquired a position with Kraft Foods, with in short period of time he received numerous promotions and found himself in Kraft's Corporate arena. Although his salary was very satisfying, his passion and potential weren't being fully utilized and his interest in the company and his position became meaningless tasks; all the while his passion for music was growing daily. By now his unquenchable urge to tap into his talent could no longer be ignored. Johnny placed ads in the local papers for to hold auditions to start a band, actively sought out talent shows in which he could partcipate but found the most gratifying was delivering the word through song at his local church. Still his passion was creating, developing and construction of musical pieces. With no formal training, vocally, instrumentally or in production and composing; armed with just a pure love for music, 2 yrs ago he budgeted what he could afford and purchased production equipment and prayed to God. "if I can create just one piece of music Lord, this will all be worth it. Money isn't even a thoguht, just to confirm the gift in me that I know you've given me is good enough... for me"! With that prayer Johnny set out to learn more about himself, his feelings and acquired an acute awareness of his surroundings. An awareness he's never experienced before, one that has developed Johnny's passion for achieving the perfect blend of melodious sounds and rhythms coupled with his fusion of Gospel/R&B are sure to inspire a mood that you'll be inclined to revisit over and over again. Johnny currently resides in Stone Mountain GA with his wife and children.

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