"The German composer & guitarist Bernd Voss has a brilliant talent for creating combinations of Euro-Jazz and New Instrumental Music where he incredibly combines guitars, keyboards and percussion." ( Cravings CD review in Konkurent)

"Enjoy an extraordinary Spanish Lounge atmosphere" (" Siesta en Sevilla" CD review in Rheinphalz Kurier)

Bernd Voss Bio

The style of VOSS has been forged by guitarists like Larry Carlton, Mark Knopfler or Pat Metheny.
but the man from Bremen is far too ambitious to merely copy other people's acchievements. So the musiche offers is delivered with an unmistakable very personal touch" MODERN GUITAR MUSIC DELUXE"
After completing his studies at music conservatories in Hamburg and Bremen Voss headed for LA to broaden his horizons. (He was later to return to LA in 1995 to record his first solo album CRAVINGS featuring Carlos Vega (dr), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Lenny Castro (perc) and David Scott (p)).
On his return to Europe Voss toured and recorded with a variety of major artists, finally settling in Seville where he found access to the Flamenco scene.
In Spain he continues to work with major artists like Miguel Rios and Luis Fonsi. After more than a decade living the cradle of Flamenco, he has now released SIESTA EN SEVILLA, an album of collaborations recorded over the years with some of the most influential, contemporary Flamenco musicians.

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Fernando Peña Burson
over 30 days ago to Bernd Voss

Ya veo que vales para todos los estilos. Conciliation y Both Sides son preciosas. Ya tienes otro ferviente admirador.

Fernando Peña Burson
over 30 days ago to Bernd Voss

Me ha encantado este tema. Iré oyendo todos los que tengas publicados. Estoy aquí siguiendo tus consejos.

Esto suena realmente bien.

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