Sentric Styles Bio

Sentric Styles Bio

Eccentric~ Odd, peculiar, out of the ordinary. These words convey the image of Urban music's newest soon-to-be star. Taking his name from the word "Eccentric", Sentric Styles has made his music and his lifestyle synonymous. Combining elements from great influential artists throughout music history and fusing them with futuristic synths and his creative mind, he describes his work as "music they will play in the year 2785." From fist pumping club bangers to sensual slow jams, Styles makes sure that his music will crossover to multiple audiences without being watered down.
Sentric's signature sound is his out-of-this world synthesizers, and his wild drum patterns. Born in 1985 in Rockford, Illinois Styles did not have many local musicians to mentor him, or pattern himself after, but that did not stop him. In fact it helped him to grow musically. Instead of copying and pasting styles of other Midwest producers, he decided to make his own style, full of futuristic sounds, and a mix of urban, pop, rock, and techno melodies.
The genre-crossing producer has also recently begun writing music for national commercial ads as well as writing lyrics for various artists, and hopes that songwriting and TV/Film song features will be another notch he can add to his belt.
This is just a glimpse of the eccentric persona of the soon-to-be star, Sentric Styles.

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over 30 days ago to Sentric Styles

Damn brother... Fists Down just smacked me around and turned me into a puppet on the dance floor. Great thumper!

Glad to connect:)


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Sentric Styles
over 30 days ago

thanks man!!

over 30 days ago to Sentric Styles

Hi, Hope you make me a contact, just a heads up to let you know that i have also just launched my own website and have a very good Mastering and promotion offer. You can find out about the offer just by reading my home page on broadjam if you make me a connection, thank you and keep up the great work, Dave-Str

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