Louis E. Gatta


B.A. Liberal Arts, Music University of Iowa

Northeastern Illinois University

Nucleus Recording Studio

Founder and Executive Producer, 1996-present
- Writing scores, Performing, Engineering

Awards and Recognition:
o Emmy Nominated PBS documentary film "The Cub Fan"
o Adrenaline TV (WCIU),
o Forever Loyal(Fox Sports Net),
o Gatorade, Motorola and Quaker Oats.

Private Music Instructor
Drums, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Recording Techniques, Music Theory, and Songwriting

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Editorial Reviews
Gwen Ihnat, Illinois Entertainer November Issue
Art Rock is alive and well on Nucleus new CD Element: Properties not Affected. Nine tracks at 45 fun-filled minutes, my friend. Although at first listen it sounds like someone listened to too much Rush and Yes in their formative years, Nucleus kicks into a nice hook by the third track Evening to Myself, and brings in some soulful backing vocals to match the rockin Wurlitzer sound on 21 Times. The musical chops, especially on the guitar and keyboard are definitely in the house, rock listeners should check out Nucleus Live.

About the Artist
Emmy nominated songwriter from Chicago. It's pop, it's rock, it's blues, it's jazz, it's none of the above.
Louis E. Gatta


Beethoven, Duke Ellington, Zep, Maiden, Soundgarden,


I am founder and Executive Producer of Nucleus Recording Studio where I professionally produce music for movie soundtracks, TV shows, radio and TV ads, band demos, and full-length albums. My music has been featured in the Emmy Nominated PBS documentary film “The Cub Fan”, Adrenaline TV (WCIU), The Doug Buffone Show (Fox Sports Net), and a number of ads including Gatorade, Motorola and Quaker Oats. For all these projects I wrote the score, engineered the recording, performed the music, and produced the end project.


Corporate Grind LLC
over 30 days ago to Lou Gatta

Very smooth and well done Lou.

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