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L.M. Azpiazu | Songwriter

L.M.'s songwriting career was not only written in the stars, but in her DNA. When others were learning how to read and write their ABC's, she was learning how to read and write music. With her Latin heritage, tangos and salsas call to her but she writes for all styles including jazz, instrumental, country and Christmas.

Her uncle, 'Don' Azpiazu, was a Cuban orchestra leader credited with the explosive introduction of Latin Music to America and Europe. Her father, Eusebio Azipiazu (aka Mario Antobal) was a music publisher and managed her uncle's musical career. Her mother, May McKim, was a chanteuse in the supper clubs and society orchestras of the 1930s and her stepmother, Marion Sunshine was a Vaudevillian star, musical comedy actress and well known songwriter.

L.M.'s Film Noir-The Musical was the winner of the 2011 Hawaii Music Awards.

Born into a proud musical heritage, she continues the traditions of her family. She writes songs. Packaging those songs with the talents of wonderful musicians, vocalists, the results have been well received by reviewers and public alike. Let her write a song for you!

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