No more than a dimly lit room, a few synths, a cranium numb from the day and a strong voice with something to say uttered the genesis of Shortwave.

An artist on a mission in a position to begin exploring the outer limits of vibes in an ego sized room full of gadgetry begging to be manipulated into unbent spaces…. This is Shortwave.

DC - unyielding as she ought to be - is the talent behind the force that is Shortwave: writing, recording, mixing and producing each number; she writes and sings the lyrics; she designs the album covers, musical booty (merchandise) and the official website! Shit!

Beginning with the self-produced “Stinking”, and evolving through esoteric electronic gems such as “Talking Box”, which delivered the college radio hit BUKS, the potent and noisy “Formless” to the dramatic “Shanked”, followed by the release of “Are You Receiving”, a brilliant trip-hop odyssey meant for exploration, Shortwave has created vast and varied recordings over the years.
  • Member Since: 2003
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