Amos Jonathan was born in the country town of Kyabram in 1980.
The next few years became somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. Influenced at the time by secular and Christian artists, from Farnham to DC Talk, Amos was immersed in the desire to develop his passion for music.
Memories of his own challenging childhood, which included schoolyard sexual taunts dissolved, as Amos set out upon his own holy grail. The journey saw him discover the technical aspect of music, concurrently beginning to structure and weave his thoughts into lyrical form.
He landed his current career with one of Australia's leading radio groups.
Moving, mind-stimulating, unfiltered and unfettered is how Amos desires to present and perform honest works in a millennium, so far dominated by plastic pop, a plethora of remakes and insincerity of message.
Now 22, the fire rages and is ready to burn a lasting impression on his audience.
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