Instrumental Guitar. Arranger,Composer, Musician, Performer. Available for conventions, weddings, parties and any other events of any size. His strong repertoire includes Classical, Bossa Nova, Flamenco, and Popular music.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico - Abel Lemus currently performs as a solo acoustic artist, as a duo, as a trio, and with a full band. The Acoustic Band features several highly touted musicians from the Albuquerque area, including Carlos Garcia on (percussions). Over the years, Abel has explored a variety of world music influences, and he has stretched his repertoire to include interpretations of Jazz classics and folk melodies a variety of styles including flamenco, New Age, Classical, popular, Latin, Country and original tunes into an exciting progressive world-fusion musical experience. produced four CD's: Midnight Romance, Romantic Guitar and two original CD's,

His guitar is the interpreter of Abel's life experiences. With skills of a Master Guitarist, he is able to transform what you see and feel into true emotion, drama, happiness, ecstasy, love and romance. It speaks for him in so many ways. You become enveloped in the moment and your mind wonders into worlds of tranquil, blissful and exotic sensations. Listen to any of his songs and your mind will take you to this magnificent place.

Abel's new single, "Nocturno", is off of the self-titled, CD. It speaks of a creature that live during the night time hours and sleeps during the day. His playing technique is intricate with runs and riffs with glorious tone and texture. What a blessing to be able to hear music like this.

Abel has been featured in New Age Magazine. A & R Select, a nationally renowned promotional company is working with Abel Lemus to broaden the awareness of this extremely talented musician.

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March 19, 2009 - Thursday
Progression Magazine
This talented guitarist draws from such varied influences as Jobim and Segovia, with jazzy leanings toward Montgomery, Benson and Kenny Burrell. Abel Lemus's style is smooth and accomplished as he takes you on a journey through beautiful Brazilian melodies, spirited sambas, mildly funky workouts and even a little spaghetti Western music.
"Ocean's Pearl" kicks things off with romantic flamenco followed by the title track's strong Latin pulse and guitar harmonies. "Showdown" shifts gears in a more cinematic country Western vein while "Freeze" deftly combines electric and acoustic guitars for an open Santana-like vibe.
Twelve songs total; perhaps the dominant aura here is moody and relaxed reflection. Ironically, the album ends with a tune entitled "Alpha" which, yet again, takes Lemus' music down another adventuresome path by way of delicate chordal arpeggios, a waltz feel and subtle orchestration. -- Eric Harabadian

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Re-Viewed by A&R dept Music Comments: It's nearly impossible to hear Abel Lemus' "Ocean Pearl" and not think of just that - the ocean - sitting, Margarita in hand staring at the sun kissed white caps of the sea. This is more than mood music. This is full on crossover magic. In addition to the aforementioned opening number, the other highlights include the title track, "Enrrada", a decadent six-string gem, so rich, any admirer of any music can admire it. There is also "Chemistry", a delightful combo of charm and elegance. Overall, Lemus scores high with this cultural bullseye. We certainly look forward to mucho mas where this came from. Member Services Dept. A&R Select 8286 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046

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