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The cold, sleepless night air blows through the trees as you lie awake in bed. The ominous feeling of emotions run up and down your body, you are scared. This is the feeling you get when you listen to DEAD SKANKZ. Concept music is there specialty, taking Horror and Hip Hop and blending them together. The Dead Skankz just don't touch on the fantasy side of horror, but are more in tap with real life happenings that can happen to anyone at anytime. GOOD MOVIE MUSIC!

-Dead Skankz

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My name is Brent Hoffmann and I am the Executive Director of the 2010 Industry Meltdown Midwest Music Summit.
I would like to personally invite you to attend this year's IMMMS.
September 17th-18th
Benefits of attending:
- Learn how you can get more paying gigs
- Learn how to get your songs on the radio
- Meet industry pros (it's all about networking)
- Learn more/new techniques to market your music?
and much - much more...

If you take your music seriously, you don't want to miss this opportunity.
Seats are limited and tickets are almost gone.
You can find out more information at -
Or you can check out our Broadjam page for more information.

I look forward to seeing you there.
Brent Hoffmann
Executive Director

P.S. - As a Broadjam member you are also being offered a special promotion - buy a ticket to the event and we will add the A&R Listening Session for FREE! That's $150 in your pocket and 15 min. with a pro. Tell a friend and we will pass the deal onto them as well. Just email me your ticket purchase and I will take care of the rest. + As a ticket holder you get exclusive access to 3 new opportunties (2 from MTV) - only open to ticket holders.

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