Nikki released her first song ‘Mapenzi Tele’ in 1997 and the song was featured on the album Kenyan the First Chapter. The song topped local charts and she went on to contribute to yet another compilation album Kenyan the Second chapter. This time round she worked not only as a vocalist but as a writer on several tracks on the album, ‘Niende Wapi’, ‘No Limit To Love’ with David Ohingo and the girl group Intu’s song ‘Tamani’. In 1999 she worked on the Earth Song, which included a video on East Africa's first ever enhanced CD.

The much awaited album “Twisted Straight” has appearances from the very best of Kenyan producers. Eric Musyoka from the Homeboys, DJ John Rabbar, R.K. from Shammah Boy Music, Clemo from Calif Records and Chris Adwar. It features music that has been written and performed by Nikki and local artistes such as Wyre, and international artist The Gift who is on rap star Ja Rules label. Twisted Straight is on the record label Pine Creek.


2006 has been Nikki's year with A Kisima Award in Kenya, two nominations in The Channel O African Music Video Awards for Best Female Video & Best African East! 2007 looks even brighter with the release of the album "Twisted Straight", more nominations and possible international dates in the pipeline Nikki first appeared in the Kenyan music scene in 1997 with the song Mapenzi Tele. The song was featured on the album Kenyan the First Chapter, which was produced and recorded at Sync Sounds. In 1999, she featured once again on yet another Kenyan compilation CD. Kenyan the Second Chapter, which was recorded and produced at Audio Vault Studios, contained two songs that featured Nikki, and one that saw her write and provide background vocals. Niende Wapi was a solo effort while No limit To Love saw her team up with David Ohingo. Intu's song Tamani was co-written by Nikki, and had her singing back up for Atemi and Natasha. 1999 also had Nikki working on the Earth Song. It was a UNEP Regional Office for Africa sponsored awareness campaign on cleaning up rivers within the city of Nairobi, with a special emphasis on the Nairobi River. The project entailed the creation of a song, a video and East Africa's first ever enhanced CD. After a five year break which was spent in the radio industry in Kenya as a presenter and deputy programs controller, Nikki released her first single Tazama Mbele in 2004.The song was produced by the Ennovator and featured Prezzo, it went on to top local charts. The video for the song bagged Nikki her first number one video in the East African Chart, and proceeded to be one of the longest topping songs in the chart with a record of 8 weeks. The long awaited follow up to this single was Hii Ngoma featuring Collo. The track was produced by Eric Musyoka and released in late December 2005. It has since topped local charts in January, and the video raced to the top.

Work on her solo debut album "Twisted Straight" is complete and the album is about to take East Arica by storm... with guest appearances from major Kenyan producers such as Eric Musyoka of the Homeboys, R.K. of Shammah Boy Music, Chris Adwar and Calif Records.

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Niwe Wako is my favorite play.. Great!

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I really, really enjoy these songs girl...
I'm a fan now

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